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About Awards

About Awards

The NETFUND Green Innovations Award (NETFUND GIA)

Environmental awards are a great avenue to generate interest from Kenyans towards sustainably managing their environment. The National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) hosts the annual Green Innovations Award (NETFUND GIA) that seeks to instill a culture of self-regulation in environmental management in Kenya. NETFUND envisions a future where all Kenyans take personal and community responsibility for the management of the environment.

The NETFUND GIA identifies, recognizes, rewards and nurtures innovative projects and ideas in environmental management. The award begins with a comprehensive and inclusive awareness program that reaches all levels of the society with particular focus on bottom of the pyramid (BOP). The NETFUND GIA focuses on the thematic areas of Agribusiness, Water, Energy and Waste management.


An environmentally responsible and motivated society embracing best practices for a clean, healthy and productive environment.


To promote self-regulation and best practices in environmental management.

Objectives of the NETFUND’s Green Innovations Award

a) Enhance public awareness on green growth initiatives
b) Promote an enabling environment for green growth initiatives
c) Support the development of green enterprises

Award Process

Award Process


Award Calendar

Award Calendar

Entry Categories

Entry Categories

General Eligibility Criteria

Project initiatives or ideas entering the award must:-
• Be located in Kenya.
• Demonstrate a clear focus on environmental management and conservation.
• Where applicable, conform to existing environmental regulations and should not have current environmental penalties/criminal records.
• Demonstrate commercial viability and sustainability
• Be aligned to NETFUND GIA thematic areas of Energy, Water, Agribusiness and Waste management.

 Who can apply?

What sort of initiatives can apply?

The NETFUND GIA thematic areas:
1. Energy: Innovative energy solutions such as renewable energy, alternative energy, energy conservation and efficiency etc.
2. Water: Innovative management of water resources such as water conservation, water recycling, efficiency in water usage, protection of water catchment areas etc.
3. Agribusiness: Innovative use of technology to drive agricultural based businesses such as sustainable aquaculture, seed production, value addition and crop production etc.
4. Waste management: Innovative methods of waste management such as recycling and upcycling etc.

What are the Benefits for the Participants?

1. Platform to showcase their initiatives
2. Opportunity for recognition.
3. Linkages to investors for the most viable green initiatives.
4. Grants

Prizes include:

• First prize winners in each category will receive KES 1,000,000 and a trophy.
• Second prize winners will receive KES 500,000 and a trophy.
• Third prize winners will receive KES 250,000 and a certificate.
• The overall winner in the NETFUND GIA will receive an extra KES 1,000,000 and a trophy.
• Eight overall winners at the Regional level will receive KES 300,000 and a certificate.
• Business Incubation of green enterprises in the NETFUND incubation program worth up to KES. 5,000,000 as technical and business support.
• Successful graduates of NETFUND Incubation program may receive seed funding of up to KES 2,000,000.


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