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At NETFUND, we recognize the enormous funding gap experienced in the sector.  We hope address this by improving our fundraising efforts to finance environmental initiatives in the sector. We aim to build synergies with like-minded institutions and also to develop mechanisms to ensure financial sustainability for the sector.

We believe that no one wants to destroy the environment wilfully; we can pursue development in a sustainable way while respecting the environment; and that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for business growth despite their economic status.

It is this belief system that informs our focus on sustainable livelihoods and greening the economy. We achieve this by stimulating solutions for and by the bottom of the pyramid in order to tackle environmental degradation, climate change and poverty while enhancing inclusive economic growth.

NETFUND is currently the only national institution in Kenya working primarily to finance the environment sub-sector. Therefore, we invest in the following key areas intended to deal with environmental challenges:

  • Environmental Awards
  • Capacity building
  • Research and publications
  • Grants and Scholarships

Environmental awards

NETFUND is mandated to identify, recognize and reward innovative projects and ideas that contribute to improved livelihoods and environmental sustainability in Kenya. The main aim of environmental awards is to inculcate a culture of self-regulation through incentives that promote best practices and innovations.

The NETFUND Green Innovations Award (NETFUND GIA) identifies, recognizes and rewards innovative projects and ideas in environmental management. The award has a comprehensive awareness program that reaches all levels of the society with particular focus on persons at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP).


A number of outstanding individuals, groups and organizations who have innovated and/or adopted environmentally-responsible and sustainable initiatives in Kenya have received awards from NETFUND. In addition to awards, NETFUND also provides incubation services to support green businesses to realise their full market potential. Some of the viable green businesses, however, do not receive incubation services. Instead, they receive some financial support to enable them upscale their best practices in environmental management.

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Capacity Building

NETFUND identifies and builds capacity of institutions, businesses, individuals and civil society organisations involved in environmental conservation. The capacity building initiatives equips beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the environment. Capacity building activities includes provision of technical, business and financial support to beneficiaries and training of instititutions and country governments to . Initiatives proposed for capacity building should meet the requirements of NETFUND’s environment and social sustainability policy.

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Research and Publications

The Fund engages in evidence-based programming in order to address the community’s most pressing needs and demonstrate impact in a measureable way. This involves application of research findings to formulate innovative projects that support sustainable environmental management while alleviating poverty and mitigating the effects of climate change. The Fund has developed a resource centre equipped with publications and other informational materials in the environment field.

Access our online resource centre

Grants and Scholarships

NETFUND is also mandated to give grants and scholarships to enhance knowledge within the environmental field.

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The scholarship programme aims to build the capacity of experts on green growth related research. The scholarships targets students pursuing Masters and PhD programs that align to the Fund’s interest in environmental and social sustainability.

Invitations for applications will be made to the public when funds are available. Currently, there are no calls for funds Grants and Scholarships.