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AfDB funded project

The project titled “Supporting the Implementation of Kenya’s National Green Economy Strategy through the development of Low Carbon Projects and Resource Mobilization’ is a climate readiness project being implemented with grants from African Climate Change Fund (ACCF) under the African Development Bank (AfDB) and co-funding from the Kenya government. The total grant of the ACCF project is US $631,693.45, comprising of US $550,603 from AfDB and equivalent of US $ 81,090.45 from the Government of Kenya.

This project focuses on building the capacity of the Ministerial Resource Mobilization Committee (RMC) and development of investment-ready low carbon and climate resilient concept notes and project ideas that will be pitched to various climate change finance channels. The main outputs of this project are to have the capacity of the RMC built, nine (9) climate change project concept notes and three (3) large bankable project proposals developed and pitched to potential funders at

Successful implementation of this project will build a highly competent and effective resource mobilization team that will sustainably ensure that the country benefits from available climate finance streams. Secondly, the climate change projects from this initiative are not only expected to contribute 20% of the country’s climate change funding needs, but also aid the attainment of the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) by reducing national carbon emission to 10.07 MtCO2e (25.04%) of the abatement potential within the forestry sector.

Download the ACCF project proposal and progress reports Below.