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 Project Title:

Project Description 

Lake Naivasha is one of the two freshwater lakes in the Kenyan part of the Rift. The key values provided by Lake Naivasha Basin (LNB) are globally significant biodiversity, and provision of water and fertile soil. The freshwater supports a rich ecosystem and is challenged by land degradation, water pollution and loss of biodiversity, resulting in a reduction in provision of ecosystem services. The project objective is to restore forest ecosystems and reduce land degradation in the LNB catchment for increased protection of Lake Naivasha’s water resources, biodiversity, and associated ecosystem services to support the local and national economy.

Project Donor  Global Environment Facility
Budget Euros 4USD 1,785,422
Thematic Area Biodiversity and Land degradation
Project Duration 4 Years

Project Components

Component 1: Strengthening the enabling conditions for integrated landscape management in Lake Naivasha Basin

Component 2: Market and financial mechanisms for implementation of the LNB Integrated Management Plan                                                                             

Component 3: Improved land management in LNB                        

Component 4. Knowledge Management and Monitoring and Evaluation.    

expected outcomes

Restoration and Rehabilitation of 1600ha of Geta, North and South Kinangop.

 2700 farmers have adopted sustainable farming practices     

37,086ha landscapes with improved practices.  restored and conserved with communities able to receive benefits from resources mobilized by the project;


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