NETFUND Ranks Second in PSC’s Best-Performing Public Institutions for FY 2022/2023

In a noteworthy recognition of its commitment to excellence, the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) has secured the prestigious position of the second-best performing public institution in Kenya for the Financial Year 2022/2023. This significant achievement is a reflection of NETFUND’s dedication to exemplary service delivery improvement and adherence to principles of good governance.

Ranking Criteria:

The Public Service Commission (PSC) unveiled its evaluation results on Tuesday, March 5, listing the top-performing public institutions in Kenya. NETFUND’s outstanding performance was assessed based on compliance with national values, principles of governance, and the ethics of public service. The comprehensive evaluation also considered parameters such as service delivery improvement, professional ethics, transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Exemplary Service Delivery:

NETFUND’s ascent to the second position is attributed to its consistent demonstration of exemplary service delivery improvement. The Fund’s commitment to environmental conservation and management has set a benchmark for others in the public sector. NETFUND’s initiatives reflect a holistic approach to sustainable development, contributing significantly to Kenya’s environmental goals.

High Standards of Professional Ethics:

NETFUND’s acknowledgment extends to maintaining high standards of professional ethics. The institution’s ethical practices have played a pivotal role in ensuring transparent and accountable operations. This recognition underscores NETFUND’s unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of public service.

Active Public Engagement and Policymaking:

NETFUND’s recognition for actively engaging the public in key policymaking decisions highlights its commitment to inclusivity and participatory governance. By involving the public in critical policy matters, NETFUND ensures that diverse perspectives contribute to shaping the nation’s environmental policies.

Key Parameters in the Ranking:

In addition to service delivery, professional ethics, and public engagement, NETFUND scored high in performance management, equitable resource allocation, efficiency, effectiveness, economic resource utilization, sustainable development practices, and the devolution and decentralization of public services.


NETFUND’s remarkable achievement in securing the second position in the PSC’s ranking is a testament to its crucial role in spearheading sustainable development initiatives. The recognition serves as an inspiration for continued excellence in environmental conservation and good governance. NETFUND remains dedicated to its mission, contributing significantly to Kenya’s environmental sustainability and setting an example for other public institutions to emulate.

The Board of Trustees tour key projects executed by the Fund

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