The National Environment Trust Fund has taken a lead role in coordinating the ongoing ministerial monthly tree growing campaign spearheaded by the CS, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, Hon. Soipan Tuya. The Campaign is an accelerator of the national 15 billion tree-growing campaign intended to increase Kenya’s tree cover to 30% by 2032,

Under this campaign the kicked off at the onset of the long rains season, 2024, all cabinet secretaries were allocated specific counties in which to spearhead the campaign. The initiative targets to plant approximately 50 million tree seedlings on gazetted public lands across the 47 Counties by leveraging the expertise of environmental government institutions during the long and short rains in 2024.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Forestry will oversee planting activities in Samburu and Vihiga Counties with the goal of planting and growing more than six (6) million seedlings through series of tree planting exercises to take place on the 3rd Friday of every month. The first of these series of events took place in Sirisa Forest, Samburu County, on the Xx of May, 2024 where a total of Xx tree seedlings were planted.

The second exercise took place on the 24th May, 2024 in Maragoli Hills, Vihiga County with the aim of rehabilitating and protecting over 1,500 Ha of degraded public forests and wetlands in the county over the long and short rains seasons, 2024. The campaign will also include perimeter fencing of 34 km of Kibiri Forest as well as rehabilitation and protection of 10 critical wetlands covering 75 hectares.

NETFUND, acting on behalf of the State Department for Environment and Climate Change, is supporting the coordination of these events including mobilisation of partners to contribute the campaign. As a leading state agency in the sector, the Fund has been at the forefront in accelerating achievement of the ambitious and noble 15B trees agenda in the country.

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