In an era where securing financial support for projects and initiatives is increasingly competitive, the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND), a state corporation tasked to Mobilize and avail resources for sustainable management of Environment in Kenya, has completed a successful Strategic Resource Mobilisation Workshops to equip its partners with the skills and knowledge needed to write winning proposals.

The weeklong Proposal Writing Workshop held in Naivasha from 23rd September, 2023 was organized by NETFUND in partnership with the Project Management Institute. The workshop’s primary goal was to enhance the capacity of partners to articulate their ideas effectively, ensuring that their proposals stand out in a highly competitive funding landscape and unlock funding opportunities for partners including those working on environmental and conservation projects across country.

Indeed, in Kenya and in much of the region, inadequate skills to craft compelling and bankable proposals and concepts that resonate with potential funders has been a major challenge to organizations seeking to undertake development programmes. It is in cognizant of this, that NETFUND tailors and implements its training programmes.

The carefully curated Proposal Writing Workshop covered every aspect of the proposal development. The more than 60 participants drawn from government agencies, NGOs and the private sector were guided through the intricacies of proposal writing, from identifying the right funding opportunities to crafting persuasive cases that effectively communicate their project’s goals, objectives, and impact.

Some key highlights of the workshop included; training of participants to identify relevant funding sources and opportunities tailored to their project’s objectives, practical exercises and interactive sessions in crafting compelling proposals as well as on the art of building partnerships

Importantly, the workshop served as a networking hub, facilitating connections between participants and potential collaborators, donors, and partners. Building strong relationships is a vital aspect of securing long-term funding and support for environmental initiatives.

The impact of NETFUND’s Proposal Writing Workshops extends far beyond the confines of the training room. By empowering its partners with the tools and knowledge needed to write compelling proposals, NETFUND is catalysing positive change in Kenya’s environmental landscape. The ripple effect of successful project funding can be felt in communities, ecosystems restoration efforts, sustainable environmental management projects, and numerous other areas where environmental and conservation initiatives are desperately needed.

NETFUND’s commitment to capacity building underscores its dedication to achieving its mission of promoting, facilitating, and financing initiatives that contribute to Kenya’s environmental conservation and management goals. The Proposal Writing Workshop is just one of the many ways NETFUND is actively fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development within Kenya’s environmental sector.

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