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Envibuzz Consule Limited
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Envibuzz Consule Limted

Quick Info

Tel:  +254 711929448



 Business Description

ENVIBUZZ CONSULE is a registered limited liability company founded in 2015. It focuses on undertaking a sustainable organic waste bio-conversion project which employs Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae to break down the waste to produce high protein content larvae used as livestock feed whilst the residue is utilized as organic fertilizer.


The up-surging human population comes with multiple challenges which include increased production of waste and demand for protein food among others. In addition, there has been an increase in bio diversity loss due to overgrazing which causes depletion of ground cover leaving the soil bare and vulnerable to soil erosion. To mitigate this EnviBuzz Consule provides livestock feed, an alternative highly nutritious feedstock. The residue is then used as manure.


The products include live larvae, dry/dead larvae, and organic fertilizer. The enterprise also offers consultancy for BSF bio-conversion.


Traction to Date

Through social media advertisement and word of mouth, the company is currently able to sell all monthly produced 100 kilos of live larvae at 2500/- per kilo. Moving forward, the company is looking to venture into manufacturing livestock feeds using BSF larvae as the protein ingredient, in 2018.