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Home Health Solutions (Green Charcoal)
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Home Health Solutions Limited

Quick Info

Tel:   +254 720 447 810



Industry:   Energy

Funding Raised: Raised KES. 4.25M in seed grant in 2017

Funding Required: Seeking and investment of KES. 10M

Use of Proceeds:

  • Prototyping
  • Recruitment
  • Equipment
  • Business Expansion 

Revenue Forecast (KES):







Number of Employees:

 Business Description

Home Health Solutions is a limited company founded in 2015. It is involved in medium scale production of charcoal and value added charcoal briquettes from the Mathenge (Prosobis juliflora) tree in the North Eastern region of Kenya. It is currently based at Garissa County.


Garissa is plagued by poor and inadequate access to clean, affordable and sustainable sources of energy. More than 73% of the population use firewood while 24% use charcoal. This leads to environmental degradation, and increased health implications, slowing the development of the county. In addition, large sections of the county have been invaded by the Mathenge tree, an invasive species that disrupts ecosystems causing negative socio-economic and ecological impacts. Home Health Solutions thus sought to avail a sustainable and clean way to manage the menace whilst meeting the energy needs of the people. The idea of producing briquettes and charcoal from the Mathenge tree was then born.


The enterprise produces and distributes fully carbonized charcoal and briquettes under the brand name ‘Green Charcoal’. They burn longer, are smokeless and are have a high calorific value. Further, they can be used for both household and industrial levels. The energy cost is 35% cheaper than bush charcoal. The products are fully certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.


The largest customers are household, Hotels, Schools and other cottage industries who require energy or have charcoal boilers for their production process.

Competitive Landscape

There are only few companies in Kenya producing premium quality briquettes products. Currently there are no such companies within Garissa. Our competition targets the high end market and thus distributes their products through big supermarkets and other up-markets retail shops. Home Health Solutions however focuses on informal retailing targeted at the low end market.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

The business employs a highly innovative yet simple and appropriate system for producing and distributing superior, low costs, and high quality eco-charcoal from Mathenge. The enterprise has developed a unique marketing and distribution plan that involves the community, youth and women. The low costs fuel help consumers save costs on energy, while the distribution model helps enhance access. The products are distributed through informal retailing where sellers break up 25kg and 50kg sack of charcoal (sold at KES. 350 and KES. 500 respectively) into 2kg tubs and realize a 30% profit margin.

Traction to Date

The business currently directly employs 5 people and many casual labourers depending on need. It has also installed a production plant in Garissa County with a production capacity of 10 tons of charcoal per day.

Competitive Advantage

  • Use of Prosobis juliflora (Mathenge)
  • Affordable
  • Reduced emissions
  • Ban of charcoal transportation in Garissa County
  • Products burn for longer, are smokeless and have high calorific value
  • Great packaging

Management Team

  • Zeinul Abdin – Managing Director
  • Mohamed Abas Bulale – Chairperson
  • Abdulaziz Bare Hassan – Vice Chair
  • Ibrahim Abass Gulale – Treasurer