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Integrated Development Company Ltd
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Integrated Development Company

Quick Info


Industry:  Waste Management

Funding Raised: Received KES. 550,000

Funding Required: Seeking KES. 1,700,000

Use of Proceeds:

  • Seed capital
  • Branding

Number of Employees: 14

Competitive Advantage

  • Affordable

Management Team

  • Charles E, Butiko – Chairman/MD
  • Michael Atsetse – Vice Chair
  • Rose asiko – Secretary
  • Agness Atuo – Treasurer
  • Samuel Odinga – Projects Coordinator
  • Dr.Viona Muleke-Patron

Business Description

Integrated Development Company is a limited company that has innovatively come in to seal the looming gap of organic detergent and toilet soap. The company is owned by Charles Butiko and run by a 6 member board. It is in Vihiga County in the Western Region of Kenya.


Soap, a commodity that has been all-time necessity to the local Kenyan has escalated in terms of prices in the recent past. Even the ones available in the market do not offer all preferences required by the consumers. Having put the above factors into consideration, Integrated Development Company (IDC) came up with liquid detergents and toilet soap made from Banana Lye (waste material from banana).The products are affordable, easily accessible and have variables for consumers to choose on their preferences.


IDC uses banana lye developed from bananas (Waste) and turns them into liquid ashes to yield organic detergent and toilet soap. The products are produced in varieties that are affordable to and meet the consumers’ preferences.


Integrated Development Company targets locals including: restaurant owners, bar owners, homes, other entrepreneurs, schools, and hospitals. These are most viable potential customers for organic liquid detergent and the toilet soap as they constitute the middle and lower classes. Research shows that more than 80% of Kenyans are either poor or in the low income bracket, thus not able to afford expensive commodities that are a necessity. The western region of Kenya is rated one of the poorest regions in the country (Vihiga County and neighboring counties inclusive) and statistics show that most residents live in abject poverty.

Competitive Landscape

More than 50% of the people in the western region find it hard to afford the available soap detergents in the market. This makes the products produced by Integrated Development Company necessary in the market because they are pocket friendly.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

Improved branding and packaging, re-launching the product in the market, PR/Promotions, Workshops/Exhibitions and Advertising the detergents are among the marketing strategies used to woo customers.

Traction to Date

The company has been able to create employment opportunity for 14 people even as it is still expanding its production level and optimistic to absorb more people. With the looming healthy problems associated to inorganic soaps, and furthermore not being affordable to the common man, IDC is now up to the task to tackle this menace. A number of Vihiga natives can now comfortably purchase the pocket friendly product and without any complain regarding diseases caused by inorganic soaps. Their economy too is headed the positive end due to the production of the detergent and toilet soap.