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Kenya Ceramic Project (KCP)
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Integrated Community Organization For Sustainable Empowerment And Education For Development Enterprises Limited

Quick Info

Tel:   +254 723438308

Email:   faiyacultural3@gmai


Business Description

Faiya Cultural Women group is involved in production of handicraft products from livestock bones and horns. The group was registered in the year 2009 and has since been in operation.


Slaughterhouses usually experience a challenge in disposing bones left after slaughtering the livestock. There is therefore a need; especially in areas where there are large abattoirs, to properly manage the constant piling of bones. In Isiolo County, a group of elderly women is taking advantage of the availability of bones to add value and create usable, marketable and unique products.


Faiya Cultural produces ornaments from waste bones and horns. The range of products include; key holders, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, horn cups, name badges, desk organizers, and curtain holders among others. They are designed to form different shapes, sizes and designs to fit meet the customer needs. The products are unique, affordable and are of high quality.


Traction to Date

Though bones are biodegradable, they take so many years before they can decompose. Therefore, from an environment where slaughtering is common, they become excess and even disposal lands are cannot handle. Therefore recycling of the bones becomes a solution of waste management. There has been job creation and provision of income. This in turn has helped meeting the needs of the women and ultimately improved their livelihood.