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Kikai Foods Limited
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Quick Info

Tel: +254 700 390 750


Industry: Agribusiness / Agro Value Add

Funding Raised: SecuredKes. 1.87M seed funding raised in 2017

Funding Required: KES. 5M

Use of Proceeds:

  • Business Expansion
  • Improving production capacity
  • Marketing


Revenue Forecast:







Number of Employees: 21

Competitive Advantage

  • Quality products
  • Affordable
  • Gluten-free and products

Management Team

  • Caroline Mbogo-CEO

Advisory Board

  • Kagunda Chege- Halisi Consultancy
  • William Mwacingi-County Enterprise Development


Business Description

Kikai Foods is a registered limited liability company that focuses on reducing post-harvest loss of bananas in Embu County, Kenya, by increasing their shelf life through value addition.


There exists a great loss of bananas due to poor post-harvest handling and lack of adequate storage facilities in Embu County. Kikai Foods was thus inspired by this reality to provide a sustainable alternative with a view of providing extra income, reducing postharvest losses and increasing food security. It does this throughprocessing the bananas into forms that can last longer without depreciating their nutritional value or adding artificial additives such as food colors and preservatives.


Kikai Foods’s main products include; banana flour, which is highly nutritious, easy to cook and gluten-free; and banana crisps which are tasty, crispy and in the customer’s preferred flavor. The products are dried using solar technology and do not contain any additives. Kikai Foods is also in the process of expanding its product portfolio to include flour from pumpkin, sweet potato, cassava, and amaranth.


There has been a growing demand for dried fruits both internationally and locally; creating a huge opportunity for Kikai Foods. There is also a growing trend where people are adopting healthy eating habits. Thus, the potential market size for Kikai Foods is large and it continues to grow.These include individuals, schools, families, hospitals, relief-focused organizations, and other institutions. Currently, the most popular processed bananaproduct in Kenya is the banana crisps.

Competitive Landscape

The main competitors are Unga Limited, Winnie’s Pure Health, and Pembe Mills. The potential competitors are Mhogo, and Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited. Kikai Foods uses differentiation, cost leadership and market focus strategies to attract and maintain more customers. Rise in the number of health conscious people provides an opportunity for which Kikai Foods’ gluten-free productsgains a competitive edge.
Business Model and Distribution Channels
The Kikai Foods business model revolves around five main areas namely customers, partners, key activities, revenue streams, resources cost structure and distribution. Revenue streams are from sale of products and trainings to banana farmers. Distribution is through direct sales, retailers and wholesalers and through exhibitions and expos.

Traction to Date

Key milestones include identifying processed banana products whose market is readily available, carrying out research activities to see how the firm can create a niche by supplying those products in high quality and at competitive prices, and identifying ways/ modes in which to create employment opportunities and help transform the society’s economic status while taking good care of the environment.