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Lakeview Fisheries
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Lake View Fisheries Limited

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Business Description

Lake View Fisheries (LVF) Limited is a privately owned company founded in 2013. It has built Kenya’s first women and youth owned, vertically integrated, sustainable commercial tilapia cage aquaculture operation. The mission of LVF is to create a unique multi-faceted development project that will improve the availability of sustainably farmed affordable tilapia in Kenya, thereby increasing per capita fish consumption, reducing malnutrition, creating rural jobs, transferring skills, improving rural livelihoods and reducing poverty.


LVF has custom designed and piloted locally fabricated small-holder fish cages. This is in line with the company’s focus on rural job creation, poverty eradication, capacity building and technology transfer.The company’s approach is to work across the farmed fish value chain, from feed raw material production down to sales and distribution of fish, giving an opportunity for tens thousands of households to benefit from the growth of the industry.


Lake View Fisheries core commodity is a premium lake raised tilapia and tilapia fillets. It is distinguished from any other farmed tilapia because of its sustainable production and superior flavour and texture. This is attributable to the fact that the fish is sustainably raised in a pristine part of Lake Victoria within fresh water. 

Traction to Date

Some of the key achievements of the company include: Built Kenya’s most advanced vertically integrated tilapia cage farm with an installed capacity of 300 metric tons per annum, Key personnel and have been hired and trained on farm duties (32 permanent jobs), successfully started to sell tilapia and has begun limited processing to include freezing and gutting.

LAKE VIEW fisheries’ story