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PAK FAB Enterprises Limited
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PAK FAB Enterprises LTD

Quick Info

Tel:   +254 722312460


Business Description

PAK Fab Enterprises is a limited liability company involved in the production and distribution of briquettes whose purpose is to promote cost efficiency for manufacturers by increasing production capacity due to a reliable and clean source of fuel. It seeks to promote industrial use of clean energy through commercialization of improved biomass briquettes.


The manufacturing sector in Kenya is known to use fossil fuels as sources of energy in its production processes. This is not only very expensive to the industries but also, environmentally unfriendly in an already vulnerable nation. The use of briquettes, therefore, is a good substitute that is a sustainable fuel source and at the same time lowers energy costs as it is relatively cheaper.


The enterprise’s core product is white briquettes, a highly combustible solid that is an alternative to firewood. The business produces different designs of the briquettes. The briquettes are designed for industrial use; however, the enterprise also produces household briquettes. The company has begun specializing in the production of non-carbonized briquettes to improve its products. 

Traction to Date

The business operates as a registered company and its current production capacity is 1 ton of briquettes per day. It has secured The Bata Shoe Company among others as repeat customers.