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Qtron Industries Limited
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QTRON Industries Limited

Quick Info

Tel:  +254 720 468 046



Industry:  Agribusiness

Funding Raised: Secured KES. 916,000 in seed funding in 2017 and KES. 4 M from SEED.

Funding Required: Seeking KES. 10M to scale up the production

Use of Proceeds:

  • Production Capacity
  • Equipment


Revenue Forecast:







Number of Employees: Not Available

Business Description

Qtron Industries Limited (QIL) is a consumer and industrial electronic automation startup offering software and hardware support services. QIL ventured into a new field of industrial automation with 3D printing technology in a bid to mitigate environmental concerns and production costs.


In order to address environmental issues related to increasing e-waste, and to ensure their storage, transport, treatment, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal is conducted in an environmentally sound manner, a proactive approach is essential. Thus the Qtron Industries Limited (QIL) initiated an e-waste management initiative that promotes economic, social as well as environmental objectives through utilizing the e-waste as a raw material to fabricate a 3D Printer.


  • Design, manufacture of 3D printers for industry and consumer
  • 3D printing services which include printing, scanning, designing of 3D models
  • Developing 3D printing software and support services such as installation, calibration, periodic preventive maintenance.
  • Offering training workshops


Research shows that there is increasing need for 3D printers due to the prevailing advancement of technology both in informal and formal sectors. This is an indication that this is not a market segment that is declining any time soon. The application of 3D printing especially in healthcare sector is expected to grow rapidly which further boosting the overall market growth of 3D printing. Aerospace and automotive are the largest end user segment and expected to grow fastest in future.

Competitive Landscape

QIL’s competitors include African Born 3D, FabLab Kenya, and Gearbox. However, to differentiate itself, QIL has developed a printing software that helps streamline the 3D printing experience. QIL offers cloud based 3d printing services, thus eliminating the inefficiencies of centralized mass production for small time printing jobs, large stock and long distance shipping hustles. The auto-arrange feature automatically positions objects across multiple build plates to print them sequentially. Companies established in Industrial automation are potential competitors.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

QIL provides affordable consumer and industrial 3D printers, and associated 3D printing technology. It seeks to accelerate the advent of sustainable industrialization, by providing innovative green processes and place a 3D printer on the desktop of every educator, engineer, industrial designer, entrepreneur, and architect as well as in every home. Printers range from Ksh 35,000- Ksh 40,000 depending on specifications.

Traction to Date

To date, QIL has managed to refine the production of the printers thus able to meet the growing customer needs. Additionally, it has managed to acquire new customers through various market linkages established by NETFUND.

Competitive Advantage

  • Unique products
  • Strong partnership with banana farmers
  • Experienced management and production staff

Management Team

  • Gideon M. Makanga –  Chairman
  • Dr. R. K. Wanjogu – Vice Chair
  • Patrick G Muriuki – Secretary / MD
  • Nelson Muriuki – Treasurer
  • Peter Muriithi – Patron