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Climate Change

NETFUND supports climate actions that support attainment of; Kenya’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs), the National Climate Change Action Plan, the Kenya Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan, and SDG 13 on Climate Action.
Our Approaches
  • Accelerating Kenya’s transition to green economy
  • Strengthening local adaptive capacity to climate change
  • Promoting technological solutions that address climate change
  • Enhancing national capacity to access climate finance
  • Facilitating climate research to inform policy and programming

Circular Economy

We support Kenya’s transition to a circular economy by designing programmes and implementing interventions that address pollution control and waste management especially in the management of solid waste, liquid waste and air quality.
Our Approaches
  • Promoting Kenya’s transition to circular economy
  • Promoting innovations that address pollution control
  • Supporting research on pollution control and waste management to inform policy and programming
  • Building local capacity on pollution control and waste management
  • Stimulating financing and investment along the waste management value chain

Ecosystems Protection and Restoration

NETFUND mobilizes resources for restoration and protection of degraded ecosystems including forests, river lines, lake basins, marine, wetlands and rangelands.
Our Approaches
  • Accelerating attainment of the national target of 30% Tree Cover
  •  Promoting sustainable management of ecosystems in Kenya
  • Strengthening local adaptive capacity to climate change
  • Supporting nature-based solutions
  • Promoting technologies and innovations that enhance efficient utilization and sustainable management of natural resources in Kenya
  • Facilitating research on health status and economic value of critical ecosystems in Kenya to inform policy, planning and programming

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