Sai Greeen africa Limited

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Quick Info

Contact Person – Gabriel C Magumba


Tel: +254 715 944 322




Industry: Waste Management

Number of Employees: 32

Competitive Advantage

  • Pioneer in the Loval and regional market
  • Unique (made from scratch) biodegradable and re-bags
  • Cuustomized bags as per requirement of clients
  • Better and tough product compared to small scale suppliers

Management Team

  • Gabriel Magumba – Marketing and Finance Director
  • Silas Sanya – Operations Manager

Management Team

  • Gabriel Magumba – Marketing and Finance Director
  • Silas Sanya – Operations Manager

Business Description

Sai Green Africa Limited is the brain child of a passionate group of social entrepreneurs. It engages in the production and selling of standad and customized  bio degradable bags made from vegetable oil derivitives, starch and vegetable waste. The bags are soluble in water and biodegrade in the environment in 180 days. 


The disposal of plastic bags has been the biggest problem in Kenya. According to UNEP, Prior to the ban, close to  100 million plastic bags were given in suppermarkets annually. Most of which ended up littered. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and can last up to 100 years in the soil. Hence reducing itss fertility. They are also an eye sore and pose a risk to animals like livestock. This has elicited the need to promote alternative bags. SGA thus offers a biodegraddable substitute: plastic bags made from vegetable oild derivatives and waste and starch. 

Products / Service

SGA Produces biodegradable and eco-friendly bags which cary in size, print, with an option of customized message of label. The company offers a more flexible alternative to plastic bags on sizing options to cater for the entire specturum of different packaging needs from both the large corporates to micro entreprises. Vegetable starch is used to strenhgen the bags to be as strong as plastic bags. The outer layer iss of good quality and presentable.


THere is a huge demand of carrier bags in Kenya. So much that tsupply does not meet it. THis huge demand-supply gap is partly due to a lack of any big player in manufacturing of biodegradable bags. SGA has identified a potential niche market on the high demand of alaternative products to the plastic bags from the Kenyan Retailers and even domestic users. There is demand for bin liners, packaging bags seeding bags among others.

Competitive Landscape

The carrier bags sector in Kenya was dominated by plastic bag providing basic carrier andd packagin needs to both industrial andd individual users. Many of the SGA’s target market use clothing bags, sisal bags, bapyrus bags and some still use plastic bags which are available in some rural areas and are the biggest competitors. However, there are limited players producing biodegradable bags giving SGA a competitive Edge.

Business Model and Distribution Channels

SGA utilizes an exclusive volumes based distributor network to scale. Distributors focus on 2 market segments: General commmercial and SMEs involved in retail, hospitality and general traders., supermarkets, pharmacy, general provisional stores, clothing and electronic show rooms, even event management companies. SGA products are locally produced shence affordable and are also environmentally friendly.

Transaction to Date

SGA has already identified and engaged potential customers. It has secured buy-in from regularory agencies like NEMA and has signed contractual agreements with its key players. It has identified an dsecured a location to set up the production plant.