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Why We Exist
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NETFUND’s mandate is to ‘facilitate research intended to further the requirements of environmental management, capacity building, environmental awards, environmental publications, scholarships and grants’.

We recognize the enormous funding gap experienced in the Environment sub-sector in Kenya and address this by improving our fundraising efforts to finance some of the pressing issues. We build synergies with like-minded institutions and develop mechanisms to ensure financial sustainability for the sub-sector. Our efforts focus on developing bankable programme proposals that can attract funding from the Government of Kenya, development partners and other sector funding mechanisms. In addition, we build the capacity of sector implementing agencies to deliver high impact projects.

NETFUND thus provides a platform for environmental conservationists to access financing in Kenya. Through our unmatched convening power, we coordinate sector players and create synergy to deliver well researched environmental initiatives efficiently and effectively. Through our network of experts and established financial and governance systems, we design and deliver highly impactful projects to a greater scale and with higher levels of accountability.

We assure our development partners of a high social return on investment and make it easier for our national and international partners to support viable solutions to solve priority national environmental challenges.