NETFUND’s Latest Training Workshop on Carbon Markets & Trading

NETFUND successfully executed its pioneer Carbon Markets and Trading workshop in Nanyuki from the 7th to 10th May, 2024. The workshop that attracted over 50 participants from diverse sectors was co-executed with the ECAS Institute, a premier capacity development on critical issues around environmental and climate change.

Check out what you missed; just in case you didn’t attend…

Industry-leading Trainers:The workshop featured experienced trainers that offered trainees a blend of well researched theoretical lessons, practical application and tailored exercises to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge in the areas of carbon markets trading

Insight into latest industry concepts and knowledge: Participants got sound footing on the emerging field of carbon markets trading especially on using carbon markets in driving climate change mitigation and their impact on agriculture, infrastructure, health, biodiversity, and the economy. Topics covered included; climate financing in the context of carbon markets, measurements and reporting of carbon projects, institutional frameworks for carbon markets and monitoring and reporting of carbon markets

Other topics included; the procedures, modalities, and rules of carbon markets as per Article 6.2 and 6.4 of the Paris Agreement, the standards and methodologies for carbon projects. More importantly, participants benefited from relevant case studies on the design and development of carbon project.

Field Excursion: As part of the training, trainees benefited from a practical field visit to the Natural State Research Center; an institution experienced in measuring carbon and biodiversity credits based in the area. This visit provided participants with hands-on experience in measuring carbon and biodiversity, essential steps for acquiring carbon and biodiversity credits. This real-world exposure deepened their understanding of the practical aspects of carbon markets.

Interaction and networking: The program offered participants maximum scope of interaction and networking through group activities, simulations and mock sessions where best practices wre studied and lessons analyzed. In addition, participants benefited from deliberate sessions code-named ‘donor marketplace’ for networking opportunities, and interaction with high-caliber trainers and speaker

International certification: At the end of the training workshop, participants were issued with internationally recognized certificates on the training area. The certification was done in collaboration with the ECAS Institute

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