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Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP)

 Project Title:

Project Description  
The ESP is a GoK FUNDED programme aimed at cushioning Kenyans from the adverse economic effects by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The program supports grass root initiatives; nature-based enterprises such as beekeeping and tree seedling production by vulnerable communities in 31 Counties. The programme targets Community- based organizations, Water resource users’ associations, learning institutions, women groups, youth groups, community forest associations, small cooperatives and MSMEs. With the aim of accelerating the achievement of the ‘National 10% Tree Cover Strategy’, the objective of this program is; to create alternative livelihood for communities through tree seedlings production and nature-based enterprises. The project is aligned, and contributes to the following SGDs; 1, 2, 11, 12, 13 and 15.  It is also aligned to the priority sectors of the key MEAs; UNFCCC, BIODIVERSITY, Drought. Further, it helps realize the development agenda set out under the “Social and Economic Pillar” of the Kenyan Vision 2030 and the BIG 4 agenda.

Project Donor  GoK 
Budget Kes Million
Thematic Area Forests, 10% Tree Cover; BiodiversityKenya 
Project Duration 1 Year

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