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Innovation Commercialization Grant

 Project Title:

Project Description

Through this project NETFUND has been the grant administrators to 12 innovators so far who were competitively selected under the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KENIA’s) National Innovations Award Program. The program awards innovators with seed grants to commercialize their innovations. The grant enables innovators to scale up their inventions through certification, licensing, patenting, purchase of necessary machines and improvement in marketing strategy, for example, branding. With the aim of commercializing 12 projects representing bottom of the pyramid under the KENIA- NETFUND grant partnership, the objective of this project is to nurture and support green innovations that address environmental challenges   The project is aligned, and contributes to the following SGDs: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13.  It is also aligned to the priority sectors of the key MEAs; UNFCCC, BIODIVERSITY, Drought. Further, it helps realize the development agenda set out under the “Social and Economic Pillar” of the Kenyan Vision 2030 and the BIG 4 agenda.

Project Donor  Kenya National Innovation Agency
Budget Euros 4 Kes. 32.74 million
Thematic Area Waste Management; Clean Energy; eMobility
Project Duration Years

project outcomes

Project Activities

  • Grant administrators to the awarded innovators ·
  • Provision of technical and business support services ·
  • Linkages to growth opportunities i.e., market, financial and technical

Project Accomplishments 

  • 12 innovators supported with technical and business support as well as grant administration.        
  • 8 innovators enabled to fully commercialize their products        
  • 200 clean energy jobs created through the supported innovations  
  • 100 tons of waste have been recycled thus far  

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