NETFUND attains excellent rating in the first performance contracting evaluation

NETFUND has received an excellent rating in the just-concluded performance contracting (PC) evaluation conducted by a team of experts. In November 2018, PC is a process that seeks to enhance the performance of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), in order to make them more accountable and enhance prudent use of resources in the provision of quality services to citizens. The evaluation involves the use of independent external experts to ensure public participation, objectivity and ownership.

According to the NETFUND’s PC secretariat (Manager, Procurement and Administration) order to Evelyn Nthini, the evaluation process has challenged NETFUND to enhance prudent use of resources performance contracting of quality services to citizens in line with the NETFUND’s mandate. Ms. Nthini has appreciated all NETFUND staff members for their support and teamwork in providing services in line with the performance.

The Government of Kenya requires MDAs to sign performance contracts every financial year. MDAs’ performance is evaluated and graded at the end of the financial as per the government performance policy. A team from the office of the President in the division of Performance and Contracting undertook NETFUND’s evaluation on Thursday, 29thNovember 2018.

The evaluation process includes; identification of performance targets,pre-negotiations consultations, intra/negotiations of performance targets, vetting of performance contracts, signing of Performance and, implementation and execution of the contracts, monitoring and reporting, quarterly reviews, real time performance evaluationand public announcement of the performance evaluation results.

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