NETFUND rolled out the Green Innovations Award phase IV on February 10, 2020 with a massive call for application across the Country to March 20, 2020. The Award targets individuals, Community Forest Associations, Water Resource Users Associations, Community Based Organizations, Women Groups, Youth Groups, Primary and secondary schools, Tertiary Institutions, Counties, Journalists and micro, small and Medium Enterprises to actively take part.

The award begins with a comprehensive and inclusive awareness program that reaches all levels of the society with particular focus on the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). As a result NETFUND trained scouts to facilitate and create awareness across the counties to aid application process.

NETFUND Scouts carried out outdoor activities among them, participation in Community Barasa, Church gatherings, Woman group forums, seminars, school meetings as well referrals from partners and previous NETFUND GIA progrmme beneficiaries. The scouting process focused on enlightening the public on the entire process of; who can apply, General eligibility criteria for application, Benefits for the winners, prizes and the Award process.

NETFUND GIA envisions a future where all Kenyans take personal and community responsibility for the management of the Environment through identification, Recognition, rewarding and nurturing of innovative projects and ideas in Environmental Management.