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Today, we are all going through a difficult period of uncertainty because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic that has disrupted our way of life at personal, family and business level in an unprecedented manner. We are definitely troubled by this turn of events and are possibly worried about what will happen next.  In the midst of the crisis, we need to find solace and forge ahead as humanity. We will eventually triumph. 

As an organization, we are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, partners and all the stakeholders who make up the NETFUND greater family.

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to disrupt the normal flow of business engagements and NETFUND is committed to ensuring that we continue to nurture relationships with our partners and fulfil our obligations as practically as possible during this period.

We have therefore taken several precautionary measures internally, in line with the guidelines issued by Government agencies and other subject matter authorities across. Among a few of these measures:

We have provided alcohol-based hand sanitizers at our reception area and safety masks and hand sanitizers to our staff handling our partners and customers to minimize any risk. Our staff have been sensitized on strict adherence to the Government of Kenya regulations on social distancing and other precautions to minimize risk of infection. We request that you adhere to the social distancing of one meter in all your interactions.

We advise our customers and stakeholders to use our alternative communication channels like zoom and Microsoft teams among our social media platforms as well as email. To ensure business continuity and guarantee staff safety, our staff continue to offer limited on-site services while others are working offsite on alternate basis so as to limit the number of staff in the office. However, where face to face interactions are inevitable, e.g. Field visits for the GIA (Green Innovations Award) for judging purposes,- these activities will remain suspended until the Government eases movement of persons in the Country.

Notwithstanding the above NETFUND will continue to honor all relationships and arrangements with partners and other stakeholders that were in place before the COVID pandemic. It is our hope the situation will be contained, and a solution found soon to help us resume our normal lives.  Working closely with Government agencies and other authorities, we will continue providing updates, as and when received.

Stay safe,

Yours sincerely,

Samson Toniok


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