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Training Workshop: Unlocking Carbon Markets’ Financial Opportunities

From the 7th to 10th May, 2024, in the serene setup of Nanyuki, Kenya, NETFUND will be engaging an expectant and diverse pool of participants on the facts and dynamics around the exciting subject of carbon markets and trading. Check out why you too need to attend the workshop and why you are missing out if you didn’t.

Carbon markets and trading are unique opportunities presented by the ongoing global climate crisis.  However, to fully exploit it, individuals and organizations require the requisite knowhow and insight. NETFUND has brought together internationally recognized experts in the field to give just this. This is what you expect;    

Unmatched expertise

The training has been carefully curated to effortlessly enhance participants’ capabilities in navigating carbon markets and trading across diverse social and economic sectors. Participants will be given a sound footing around the fundamentals of climate change, climate change mitigation and adaptation, climate financing and the specific question of carbon markets.

On carbon market and trading, participants will gain invaluable knowhow and insight into the critical areas of; climate financing in the context of carbon markets, carbon markets and trading, measurements and reporting of carbon projects, institutional frameworks for carbon markets and monitoring and reporting of carbon markets. Furthermore, the training will provide in-depth knowledge around the question of policy and regulatory frameworks governing carbon markets.

Innovative delivery approach

The workshop will feature a blend of theoretical sessions, hands-on exercises and live calls from experienced trainers carefully sourced from reputable and internationally recognized agencies. This blended approach with focus on practical application and tailored exercises is intended to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of carbon markets and capitalize on emerging financial opportunities as meaningfully and effortlessly as possible.

Invaluable interaction and networking

The program has been designed to offer participants maximum scope of interaction and networking through group activities, simulations and mock sessions where best practices are studied and lessons analyzed. In addition, participants will benefit from deliberate sessions code-named ‘donor marketplace’ for networking opportunities, and interaction with high-caliber trainers and speakers.

International certification

All NETFUND trainings are co-organized with recognized certification agencies. At the end of this training workshop, therefore, participants will be issued with an internationally recognized certification.


The training workshop is part of NETFUND’s objectives to enhance the capacity of local institutions on climate change and related issues including climate financing and strategic resource mobilisation. In addition, to this carbon market training workshop, the Fund has also other quarterly capacity-building programs on Strategic Resources Mobilization, Writing Winning Proposals, and Project Management. Should you require to participate in any of these trainings, please visit our website and register.

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